Pay What You Want is enabled on a product-by-product basis.

  1. Choose a product that is NOT the new "Thanks for your Generosity" product, and set a price for your product as normally would. This now becomes the minimum. Note: You can set it to zero.
  2. Apply the "PWYW" tag to this product. For more information about tagging, see here.

That's all it should take! However, there can sometimes be glitches based on issues with custom themes. Read on for troubleshooting tips. Your success and is directly tied to the success of this plugin. We are dedicated to making sure this works for you.


First: Make sure that the item(s) you wish your customers to input a price for are properly tagged as PWYW.

Second: If the tag is in fact correct, go to your website, then navigate page/item you want to set the price as PWYW, right click and inspect the price. Copy the tag, (it should be .price-field or #price-label or something similar to that). Then from the Shopify dashboard navigate to:

  1. Online Store
  2. Themes
  3. [...] (the button with the 3 dots)
  4. Edit HTML/CSS
  5. Scroll down left side menu
  6. Snippets
  7. click on pwyw.liquid
  8. around line 38 there should be a line of code that reads:
    var priceLabels = document.querySelectorAll(".price-field, .price, .product-single__price, .product-price, #productPrice, #ProductPrice");
  9. Paste the tag that you copied after the first quotation mark in the line of code above and add a comma after it.

Third: If you cannot find pwyw.liquid in your Snippets, there was an issue installing the application and I suggest you try reinstalling it.

Fourth: If the above steps fail to work, e-mail support at

Note: To edit the text in the cart, search your products for "Thank You for Your Generosity" and edit the title. Please do not hide this product.